Paediatric Optometry (Children)

Paediatric Optometry is a subspecialty of IGARD Group. Children no longer need to be traumatised by eye tests that are meant for adults. At IGARD Kids, eye tests are specifically catered for their age groups and this can prove to be fun and enjoyable. Paediatric Eye Examination is provided by selected IGARD centres that deal primarily in children. In Singapore, this is available at their centre at Orchard Road.


Vision and Reading

Besides a Paediatric Eye Examination, you can get your child to attend a functional vision assessment in reading efficiency. This includes subjective eye coordination measurements, tracking the eye movements and an objective evaluation of your child's reading efficiency or fluency.


Paediatric Eye Examination (for children < 12 years old)

  • Developmental Vision Consultation
  • General Refractive Status Assessment
  • General Binocular Vision Assessment
  • General Eye Health Assessment
  • Further Assessments available
  • Infant & Children Eyewear available
  • Children Myopia Plan available
  • Orthoptic Vision Therapy available
  • Senior Consultant Optometrists
  • Paediatric Optometry Pte Ltd - IGARD Group




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