Standard Eye Examination

IGARD provides a wide range of primary eye-care services that caters to meet your individual visual requirement. All these are part of our routine Standard Eye Examination that will investigate thoroughly all aspect of your eyesight and visual health.

The specific tests and clinical procedures that you require will all be conducted during a Standard Eye Examination as determined by our group of primary eye-care & vision specialists who will attend to you personally.

This will typically take 20-30 minutes and should typically include a short consultation, Occupational Vision Assessment, Glaucoma Screening, Cataract Screening, Retinal Health Screening and an evaluation of your eyesight. This will not only evaluate the need for you to get a new prescription for spectacles and/or contact lenses, but also assess and/or review the visual health status of your eye. Should there be a necessity, a further assessment may be recommended with another medical colleague or a specialist eye surgeon.

Ocular Refraction will be necessary thereafter if you are getting new spectacles and if you require contact lenses, you will also need to undergo a Cornea Health Assessment. Children will automatically be given a Paediatric Eye Test and Senior Citizens will be given a Geriatric Eye Test.

Specialist Vision Services

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