Optical Services

IGARD provides optical products such as spectacles and contact lenses, which are all prescribed in relation to the health status of your eyes. Therefore a Standard Eye Examination is required before spectacles and/or contact lenses is dispensed. This is https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/acheter-du-viagra/ when you also get to know what specific optical product type is best suited to meet your individual needs.If you have already had an eye examination, please bring along your latest optical prescription for a discussion or short consultation with a senior consultant optometrist. An appointment is necessary for this service so that your spectacles and/or contact lenses can be fitted professionally to maximise the performance of the optical products.A wide range of designer spectacles frames and a comprehensive range of disposable contact lenses is stocked at IGARD Orchard for your convenience, but it is also possible to pre-order your regular supply of contact lenses to avoid any unexpected stock inavailability. You may like to know that IGARD is also very conveniently located at the heart of Singapore's shopping district - Orchard Road, which is affectionately known locally to be 'a great street' - nowhere else in Singapore is everything so conveniently available on one street! 

  • Prescription Eyewear (Spectacle Frames & Ophthalmic Lenses)
  • Infant & Children Eyewear
  • Sports Eyewear (Adults & Children)
  • Contact Lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription Safety Eyewear (for Work)
  • Low Vision Aid (Prescription LV Magnifiers & LV Telescopes)
  • Vision Therapy Equipment 
  • Amblyopia Eye Patch (for 'Lazy' Eye in children)


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